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Sarah Myers was born in Yorkshire, North England. She recieved her BA in Art and Aesthetics from the University Of Wales, Cardiff and an MFA in Painting and Drawing from Ohio State University.

Sarah currently resides in Inverness,  Point Reyes National Seashore, California

Artists Statement
The landscape surrounding my home feels vast and expansive but my attraction is to the details of the forests, surrounding waters and land. My imagery often depicts anthropomorphic characters that communally shape the landscape.  Trees and plants often have skin and humanized limbs or emotive facial features. By placing human characteristics into nature I hope to visually transcend the separation of “us and nature” by integrating the two elements.  If we can see ourselves within a tree, the ocean or pastures then we can begin to recognize universal interconnectedness.



Teaching Experience:


2010-present:  Independent Visual Arts Educator


2014-2015:      Visual Arts Specialist, Mixed Media,

                       Bolinas-Stinson Union School District Grades K-8


2014:               Visiting Artist, Branson School, Ross, CA


2006-2007:      Drawing and Painting Instructor, Bay School

                       San Francisco, CA


1999:               Visiting Lecturer: Drawing, 2-D Design, Life                               Drawing, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH


1996-1997:       Teaching Assistant: Beginning Drawing

                        Ohio State University, Columbus, OH



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